We have arranged with our affiliate, BELGIAN-STYLE ALES to bring a new BrewView series to Belgian Beer Journal!

In the past, any brewery we wrote BrewViews on that had multiple beers featured from that particular company was usually featured as a “BREWERY OF THE MONTH.” However, our schedule over the past few years has not allowed us the proper time to post a Brewery of the Month each and every month.

So instead, we are going to begin our new series called “BREWERY SPOTLIGHT” in December 2016! This will allow more flexibility, and not “date” a particular Brewery Spotlight feature. In fact, we will be migrating all previous BREWERY OF THE MONTH articles to this format in the beginning of 2017.

So, our very first BREWERY SPOTLIGHT feature will be on the First American Trappist Ale, The Spencer Brewery!
Thanks to our affiliate Belgian-Style Ales, we will be showcasing the Spencer Holiday Gift Set. This includes the original Spencer Trappist Ale, plus their Imperial Stout and Holiday Ale, in 11.2 oz. bottles along with the signature Spencer Trappist glass. Plus, we’ll be BrewViewing the corked 25.4 oz. bottle of the Holiday Ale as well. In the past, we have experienced different flavors with capped and corked bottles of the same beer…

We will be posting The Spencer Brewery Spotlight on December 12, 2016, in plenty of time for Christmas! If you don’t want to wait until then to try The Spencer Brewery Trappist ales, visit the following link from Belgian-Style Ales to order now:

If you’d like to read our BrewView on The Spencer Brewery’s first Trappist ale, click here.

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