5 years ago today, Belgian Beer Journal was launched. It was born from a great and a 20-year desire to taste different beers from Belgium and from other countries brewing beers in the classic Belgian styles, and then to write about them.

I actually started this concept in 1995, and I named it THE BEERMASTER’S CAFE. For a short few years, I was in contact with Vanberg & Dewulf, Brewery Ommegang, and Global Beer Network (when it was in California ran by Johnny & Claudine Fincioen) and wrote about their beers. But, life got in the way, and I went down another career path… long story.


As our good friend, Master Brewer Jerry Vietz (of Unibroue) says: “Great beer deserves attention.” We agree wholeheartedly. BelgianBeer is a platform where Belgian Beer (and Belgian-style and Belgian-inspired beers) will be showcased. We seek to educate the populace that these beers deserve the respect and accolades that great wines receive. After all, great beer is more complex (and more difficult to produce) than wine is. Our viewpoints on those beers will be fun, idiosyncratic, and thought-provoking.

OUR CORE MISSION & OUR BELIEFS statements found at our ABOUT US page on our website remain steadfast:

We don’t have anything planned for our 5th Anniversary at the moment, due to the fact that we are hurriedly trying to meet our deadline of Saturday September 29, 2018 to post our SANTÉ MES AMIS! – A TRIBUTE TO UNIBROUE site that we have been working at incrementally for several months now.

We do wish to celebrate our milestone in the near future somehow. We’re working on something…

But for now, we wish to thank all of our supporters around the world, and to let you know how much we truly appreciate you!

Gordon A. Ponce,
CEO, Belgian Beer Journal

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