BROUWERIJ DE RYCK has had a long 127 year history. Ever since Gustaaf De Ryck started the brewery in that year across the street from the Church in Herzele, Belgium, it has survived 2 world wars and has thrived. Brouwerij De Ryck has been a family affair with 4 generations having shared the brewing duties with Anne De Ryck being the latest family member of the 4th generation as it’s brewmaster.

Anne De Ryck & Miek Van Melkebeke (Facebook)

Anne De Ryck & Miek Van Melkebeke (Facebook)

Anne is one of the first and very few female brewers in Belgium today producing excellent quality beers. Only until a few years ago, Brouwerij De Ryck’s beers were available mainly around the neighborhood surrounding the Church tower.

Since the brewery added a bottling line, it is now available in the United States and beyond. The brewery remains a small family operation, with the emphasis being on quality. Thanks to the efforts of the brewery’s Sales and Public Relations rep Miek Van Melkebeke (pictured), it can be assured that Belgian beer enthusiasts like us can enjoy the De Ryck beers for many years to come.

AREND TRIPEL is a winner of the European Beer Star Bronze medal in 2007, and the Gold medal in 2008 in the Belgian Style / Tripel category. This is our first time trying Arend Tripel… it did not disappoint.

8% ABV. Poured into a tulip shaped glass at 57° F. It pours a medium golden color with a dense, fluffy egg-white head with large and small bubbles. The meniscus is medium rising. As the head collapses, it creates very nice Brussels lacing on the sides of the glass. It took us about 15 minutes to enjoy this beer, and there still was a nice 1/4″ head remaining throughout the consumption time- a very good sign.

Immediately, you smell citrus fruit. Oranges, lemons, with a nice spicy hop character. You can tell right away that Arend Tripel is going be a drier Tripel- it does not have what we call a “bubblegum” bouquet to it. You can also tell that this beer’s bouquet will change beautifully if you take the time to sip and savor this beer slowly. There is also the characteristic fruity Belgian yeastiness to it as well to compliment the hop aromas.

Nice crisp spiciness to it- it is a little bit astringent due to the hops and the yeast phenols. Definitive citrus- lemon and orange.

The mouthfeel tickles the front of the tongue, but because of the effervescence it also fills the back of the mouth with a nice creaminess as well. This one assaults the olfactory senses. This is not a super dry Tripel (not as dry as a Westmalle) due to the prickliness on the tongue being a tad bit softer.

APPETIZERS: Blue veined cheeses, salads. ENTRÈES: Fish, shellfish, chicken, pastas.  DESSERTS: Poached pear in white sugar.

A very well made beer, this would be a great beer to have in a vertical tasting of different Tripels. Seek this one out. Excellent quality.


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