Yes, our BrewView on CHIMAY DORÉE (CHIMAY GOLD) is nearly 2 years overdue. We waited for our local retailers to pick up the newest product from Abbaye de Scourmont when it became available in the United States.


On January 22nd 2014, we posted a very comprehensive BrewView titled CHIMAY TRAPPIST ALES: OUR 30 YEAR TRIBUTE. So, rather than try to re-write history or try and out-do our previous effort, we’ll simply put our link to that page. Click HERE or click the CHIMAY 1983 – 2013 Our 30-YEAR TRIBUTE banner below to read more.
For the sake of expediency, were are going to get to the point and list our BrewView on Chimay Dorée below.


Style category: Authentic Trappist Single

Brewed at the heart of Scourmont Abbey, Chimay Gold, a beer previously reserved for members of the monastic community, their guests and their colleagues, is now yours to savour, with its refreshing aromas of hops and spices.  Chimay Gold is available in 33 cl bottles and on tap.

Treat yourself …
Chimay Gold cheese has been especially created to combine perfectly with this beer.


4.8% ABV. Poured into the classic Chimay open-mouthed Trappist chalice and served at 45°F. The white colored head poured an easy 2.5-finger height, tightly  bubbled and dense (we did ensure that it was a “Beer Clean” glass).

SRM value is around a 4 (Pale Gold.) There was some murkiness to it, due to the fact that all Chimay Trappist Ales are refermented / bottle conditioned.

With the intial pour, we did not rouse up the yeast (we did so in subsequent glass pours). We received suggestions lately to sample beers before the yeast dump and after and write about it. Sure…. take our fun away!! (LOL) 7-8 minutes later, it retained a 1/2″ height head. As the head collapsed, it left behind even-sheeted, spider-patchy lacework on the sides of the glass.

The meniscus is fast rising, the rim color variation is an SRM value of 3 (Straw color.) 8 minutes later, it was still holding an 1/4″ inch head, and as the head collapsed, it left behind patchy, spider-web density lacing on the sides of the chalice. POST YEAST DUMP: Well of course, the beer became much more cloudy…

Immediate aromas of tart lemon, coriander,  Curaçao orange peel, soft Carr’s Table Water Cracker bouquet, classic Chimay house yeast / spicy phenol aromas.  POST YEAST DUMP, AT AROUND 50 ° F: The beer takes on a much greater bready yeast bouquet… more of what we are familiar with.

10 minutes later, we finally got around to our first sip – (we wanted to savor this experience!) The initial taste is a mix of the spicy phenols from the Chimay yeast, citrus (lemon, Curaçao orange peel) with coriander, hints of white pepper, extremely mild in the hop flavor and bitterness. POST YEAST DUMP FLAVORS: You get more of the bready Chimay Trappist yeast flavors that mingle with the tart , spicy flavors. The white pepper flavors intensify, not a lot, but they do.

Light to medium bodied, it is crisp, refreshing, super effervescent, and politely assaults the tip of the tongue as soon as you drink it, then hits the sides and the back of the mouth with its acidity and prickliness. Nice dry and spicy finish… makes you want to experience that next sip. POST YEAST DUMP: The breadiness of the yeast slightly calms the acidity of it… only slightly.


It would be blasphemous to suggest pairing Chimay Dorée with any other cheese than the one and only CHIMAY GOLD cheese specially made with the beer! Any appetizers that suggest using Chimay Cinq Cents (White Cap) to cook and pair with can also be paired nicely with Chimay Dorée. Their salad recipes would pair well also.

Artful salad with scampi, tomato and fennel
Chimay cheese fondue
Chimay Spring Salad
Waldorf versus Chimay

 Many of the recipes that call for pairing with Chimay Red Cap or even the Blue Cap could be paired with Chimay Dorée too. These dishes are richer in flavor and texture, but the crisp, refreshing quality of Dorée can cut the richness of the dishes, giving you a different eating experience.

Here are some excellent suggestions from Chimay’s Gastronomy page:

Carbonnade of beef and French-fried potatoes
Apple and scallops carpaccio with Grand Chimay
Rabbit with Chimay Red
‘Poteaupré’ quiche


Hugely drinkable beer, totally sessionable, it is not hard to understand why the monks at the Scourmont Abbey enjoy this on a regular basis with their meals! It’s a fantastic beer to enjoy for the summer months, or for anytime of the year for that matter… why not? We could see ourselves in the summertime riding on a luxury sailboat or yacht out in the ocean, gentle wind breeze in the air, standing at the starboard bow, enjoying it in the classic Chimay chalice without a care in the world…

CHIMAY DORÉE is destined to become a world classic without a doubt. Worldwide fans of Chimay Trappist ales will certainly appreciate and love it for sure. The cellaring potential in this beer is good. Purchase a case and sample one every 90 days, every 6 months, and every year to witness the flavor evolution. Seek this one out for sure- it is a must have. We’ve added it to our list of favorite beers.

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