Even before we enjoyed VICTORY BREWING COMPANY’S V TWELVE QUADRUPEL, there was GOLDEN MONKEY TRIPEL. We’ve enjoyed this beer for at least 6… maybe 7 years now. Of course, we enjoyed this beer several times over the years- it was a great go-to beer at a great price.

The story with this beer is very much the same as with their V TWELVE. (Read BrewView) Up to about a year and a half ago, the beer was always high quality, never disappointing. Then… the beer took a serious nosedive in its quality. At that point, we decided to let a few months go by to see if the poor quality thing was a one time event. Upon our revisit a few months later, same result.

So, as we have done with certain beers over the decades, we let some time go by (18 months) to see if  Victory Brewing Company had improved the beer and brought it back to it’s former glory. We are happy to report… they did. Below is our BrewView after an 18-month absence with us.

9.5 % ABV. Served at 57° F in a tulip shaped glass. Pours a light to medium golden color, with a nice 2-finger white head that is dense. Creates nice Brussels lacing on the sides of the glass as the head collapses and the beer is being consumed. It retains a 1/8″ head throughout consumption time. The meniscus is slow rising.

The bouquet on this beer has a nice bready, malty character. Light tropical fruit scents- mango, “aged” peach if you will, but more in the background. The hop aroma is light, and also in the background.

Dry, peppery (due to the coriander seed addition). The hop bitterness comes through in the taste. In times past before the quality downfall, the beer almost had a “minty” character to it. It does again, but not to the level it once had, but still very enjoyable. Nice fruitiness, nice Belgian yeast, but the yeastiness is unique in this Tripel- different from the other American Tripels we’ve had.

The mouth feel and palate is slightly acidic, effervescent, dry. Hits the sides, back, and the top of the mouth. The malt / pepperiness lingers.

APPETIZERS: Blue veined cheeses. ENTRÈES: Because of the dry pepperiness of the beer, light white meats can be enjoyed. Because of the maltiness of the beer, you can go with more savory white meats such as roasted chicken with the skin caramelized. Dry Tripels are always good with Belgian Mussels and Pomme Frites. DESSERTS: Peach cobbler, poached peaches.

Golden Monkey has regained its former quality… for sure. This is a great American Tripel at a fantastic price in the 750ML bottle or in a 6-pack. If you can find this one, get it. It has returned to one of our go-to beers!



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