VICTORY BREWING COMPANY’S V TWELVE Quadrupel is a beer that we have not had for about 18 months. We have enjoyed this beer several times over the past 6 years, with it’s quality being at world class level. However, about a 18 months ago, we purchased V Twelve in expectation of it being excellent as usual. But something happened… the quality of V Twelve took a serious nosedive. Everything about the beer suffered- the look, the bouquet, the taste… everything. It was thin, watery, and lacking in complexity.

When we purchase beers off the shelf, we usually hold them up to the light to see what the beer “looks” like. The look of the beer was not the same. Before, V Twelve was this murky, deep copper colored beer with very little filtration. This time, it had been filtered and lighter in color.  When we opened up the bottle, we were very disappointed. We understand that sometime brewers like to experiment with the flavor profiles of their beer, or sometimes even a bad batch gets bottled. So we tried V Twelve again a few months later… same result.

And we thought to ourselves: “Fans of how the beer tasted before are going to let this brewery know how disappointed they are in this new formulation.”

So we purposely let some time go by (that was hard to do- V Twelve was a high quality beer at a great low price!!) But as we have experienced over the years, we’ve seen breweries develop and re-develop beers to improve on them. So, before trying it again, we researched V Twelve at other trusted online sources, and it received very recent high marks- as recent as the day we were looking to purchase a bottle.

The beer has returned to it’s former glory. The people have spoken… Victory Brewing Company listened. We were very pleased with V Twelve this time around. Our BrewView is below…

12% ABV. Poured into a larger tulip shaped glass at 56°F. (Normally we pour Quadrupels in wide-mouthed Trappist goblets, but because we wanted to see if the beer had improved in all aspects, we chose a type of glass that HIGHLY accentuates the head and bouquet.) It poured an easy 4-finger head. (We ensured the glass was to BCG cleanliness. BCG = “Beer Clean Glass”) The head color is an off-white, light tan color with extremely dense bubbles.

As the head collapses, the Brussels lacing on the sides of the glass is even. The meniscus is very slow rising due to its high gravity. The beer is not as murky as it used to be. It is a medium copper color. It used to be a darker copper / medium brown color. NOTE- We’re the type of beer enthusiasts that LOVE to pour the yeast out of the bottle that it was conditioned with. Once we reached the bottom of the bottle to dispense the yeast, the beer (of course) got cloudy! That was not the case before; it was cloudy from the first pour.

The nose is treacle toffee, heavy Belgian yeast esters, slight hints of milk chocolate, deep caramel.

The quality of the beer is back! It almost has a Barleywine taste to it, the hop bitterness is prevalent. Not as “malty” and chocolatety” as some of the other Belgian quads on the market, this has a unique character to it. The treacle toffee flavor is strong. You can really taste the 12% alcohol in this beer. NOTE: after around 15 minutes into this beer, the flavor profile does change a little. We got slight  cherry cordial flavors mixed with deep caramel and nuttiness and hop bitterness. NOTE- When we added the yeast from the bottle into the glass, everything about the taste became more complex!

The mouthfeel is full bodied, it hits the tip of the tongue, but also hits the top back of the mouth as well. Hoppy / intense malty finish. The warmth is almost brandish.

APPETIZERS: A good Ploughmans board with meats and smoked cheeses. ENTRÈES: Rich meats, roasted chicken, pork tenderloin, steak, Carbonnades Flamandes. DESSERTS: Crème brulee, Liege waffles.

Thank you Victory Brewing Company for brewing V Twelve back to its former quality! This is a Quadrupel that is one… in a “different” way. The hoppiness of the beer makes it (tastewise) between a Quadrupel and a Barleywine. Very unique, very high quality. Seek this one out for sure! Great price and value.


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