Mobile Gaming in Las Vegas

Mobile Gaming in Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino along with Cantor Gaming has introduced an innovative mobile gaming device for their guests this month. The new Sports Book is utilizing the latest technologies to allow players to bet on sports events, horseraces and more with the eDeck Wireless device. The new device isn’t only being used for the Sports books, guests that would like to play while on the go are also able to use this mobile service to bet on table games such as blackjack, pokers and baccarat, for real money.

The Cosmopolitan is the fourth major Las Vegas casino to utilize this device, and it is speculated that soon most major hotels and casinos on the Vegas strip will have the eDeck wireless device readily available for their clientele as well. M Resort, The Tropicana Hotel and Casino and The Hard Rock are already have Cantor Gaming Sports books, and are using the mobile gaming for their clients. What does this mean for tourists? It means that while relaxing at the pool, spa or even their hotel room, they can get in on the action while staying mobile.

Some may say that it takes away from the whole Vegas experience, but it’s being welcomed by visitors with open arms. Who wouldn’t like to get off of the casino floor and experience what else Vegas has to offer, and at the same time betting on your favourite sport event or casino game? This gives players and bettors flexibility that Vegas didn’t have before.

The eDeck wireless device itself isn’t much to look at, but the idea of mobile gaming is phenomenal. The handheld device is equipped with Wi-Fi connection, and it’s interfaced with the respective casinos servers, which make it highly secure.  It’s fairly simple to use, and the casino will provide the client with instructions on how to operate the mobile gaming device, should they choose to use it.

Vegas casinos are constantly changing for the better, and as time goes by technologies continue to advance. Las Vegas visitors come to the City of Sin for something new and exciting and this new mobile gaming innovation delivers just that.  This is not a fun money device, and players should use caution and care just as they would at a table. Play responsibly when visiting Vegas for your gambling adventures, even if it is mobile casinos.