We are EXTREMELY HONORED to bring you the fourth installment in our BREWERY OF THE MONTH series!

For the month of July 2016, we are featuring BRASSERIE ST. FEUILLIEN from Le Rœulx, Belgium and three of it’s world class beers: TRIPLE, BLONDE, and BRUNE:



If it weren’t for BELGIAN-STYLE ALES,  we would not had the chance to BrewView the Blonde without having to drive several hundred miles to the nearest metro location that carries it- (the Tripel and Brune are available in our area in 750 ML bottles, but we thought it would be nice to BrewView the gift set, which does come with the signature St. Feuillien chalice.)

If you live in a city where the availability of Belgian beers is limited, you can have BelgianStyleAles.com ship the best Belgian beers right to your doorstep just like we had the St. Feuillien 3-beer / chalice gift set sent to our office! Belgian Beer Journal (2016-4-8) horizontal


Dominique Friart & Benoît Friart Jr. (Photo: Biere.BBFR.net)

St-Feuillien Brewery, located in Le Rœulx (located in the Belgian province of Hainaut), was founded in 1873 by Stephanie Friart. In 1910, her nephew took it over and his son, Benoît Friart, succeeded him in 1950.

Today, Benoît Jr. and Dominique, brother and sister, have been running the brewery for almost 30 years. The Friart family has been brewing various beers, among others, St-Feuillien. But the history of this beer goes back even further.

In the 7th Century, an Irish monk by the name of Foylan came to the continent as a missionary to preach the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, in 655, while travelling through the charcoal forest, he was killed and beheaded near what is now Le Rœulx, Belgium. On the site of his martyrdom a chapel was built which, in 1125 became the Abbey of Prémontrés, but later transformed over time into the Abbaye St. Feuillien du Rœulx. The Abbey prospered until the upheavals of the French Revolution.

Brasserie St. Feuillien – Front (Photo: BelgianFamilyBrewers.com)

Brasserie St. Feuillien – Courtyard (Photo: BelgianFamilyBrewers.com)

During these troubled times it was condemned by the revolutionaries, but St.Feuillien’s legacy continues as a brewery of the same name. Four generations later, the Friart family is still in charge of the brewery, keeping alive for scores of ale enthusiasts worldwide, brewing beer with passion and knowledge to stand the test of time.


Since 1986, the Friart family has constantly invested in equipment, devoting their unwavering attention to the quality of the beers they market. The StFeuillien Beers brewed with first quality and naturally pollution-free water. The artesian well is located inside the brewery itself and only the best malts and hops are used for their products.

Unique features of St. Feuillien beers:
⋅  Natural, additive-free, top-fermenting beers.
⋅  Top-quality European aromatic hops.
⋅  Unique spices’ formulations
⋅  Selected malts.
⋅ A traditional infusion brewing method handed down from generation to generation, guaranteeing an authentic product.
⋅ Traditional fermentation followed by maturation in horizontal cylindrical tanks for 1 month.
⋅ Secondary fermentation in the bottle for at least 15 days.

The introduction of new beers is always respecting the long tradition of fine bitterness and the use of special ingredients and methods like spices and dry-hopping.


In less than ten years, St-Feuillien Brewery renewed completely its production facilities with brand-new all-stainless steel tanks, pipe-lines and automation. All the suppliers are Belgian.

Photo: BelgianFamilyBrewers.com

The goal was clear: maintain and increase the quality at the top level, respecting the Belgian brewing art. In 2013, a new Belgian brewhouse has been built with a state-of-art technology grade never achieved before at this size of production volume.

Photo: Delhaize Belgium

A new filtration line and a new keg washing and filing line were also installed. These investments mix quality mastery, economic efficiency and ecology to an uncommon level. The beer quality remains unchanged but consistency and long-term stability are constantly improved.

Photo & Article: LaNouvelleGazette.be

Photo: BelgianFamilyBrewers.com

Always improving the quality of its beers is Brasserie St. Feuillien’s main concern. Their extended portfolio goes from tradition to innovation and each brand is unique. Beer enthusiasts worldwide will be able to find, at least, their “dedicated” beer. (Sources: St-Feuillien.com & BelgianFamilyBrewers.com)





Rue d’Houdeng 20 – 7070
Le Rœulx – Belgium
Tel. +32 (0)64 31 18 18
Fax +32 (0)64 31 18 19
Web: St-Feuillien.com
Email: info@st-feuillien.com


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