The Normandie Casino Loyalty Program Review

The Normandie Casino Loyalty Program Review

The Normandie Casino in Gardenia, California is a very nice establishment that provides a full casino and poker room. The play at this location is excellent, the staff is very friendly, and there are new tournaments starting every few minutes throughout the day and night. Players at the Normandie also fall into just about every age group and nationality that you can imagine, making this a good place for just about anyone to get out of the house and gamble. Heck, even if you’re not a bettor, head on by to enjoy an inexpensive steak and catch one of their local shows…something is always going on at the Normandy.

The Normandie Casino Rewards Overview

The Normandie rewards program starts gamblers off with a Player Card that is used to rate the overall levels of play. Gamblers build up comp points just like they would at any other casino, and these can be exchanged for free meals, tournament entries, or gifts from their store. There are also tons of promotions at the Normandie as well.

The Normandie Casino Rewards – The Good

Who could argue with a free steak dinner? Well, I guess a lot of people can when they are used to being comped penthouse suites in Las Vegas, but the Normandy is nowhere near that large in scale. It is a spacious casino, don’t get us wrong, but their operating margin is kept very slim in order to keep most of your gambling money where it belongs…on the table.

Besides the free tournament entries that their players earn through loyalty points, there are also no less than fifty promotions going on at any one time. Start with a $5,000 freeroll baccarat tournament or their nightly cash giveaways and you’ll start to get a picture of what the Normandie is really about. Then add in things like unlimited match play or a completely free $20 on your first visit and you’ll see that the Normandie really does take care of their players well.

The Normandie Casino Rewards- The Bad

In this case, the good is also the bad. Instead of just the elite players getting fantastic rewards, the Normandie makes sure that they give something away to everyone; even if they’re not actually there for gambling. Of course, if you’re a high roller then it kind of stinks for you, but at the same time that’s the reason that the Normandie stays packed with happy players.

The Normandie Casino Rewards- Overall

Overall, we really loved our trip to the Normandie and our three nights of gambling there. We saw a reggae band, played in a free $5,000 blackjack tournament, bet $20 on Pai Gow, and flirted with a hot waitress…and this was all on the first night before we spent a single penny of our money. Very few places are this generous in terms of giving the customer a fantastic night on the town, so if you’re in the local area then definitely stop by the Normandie.